Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN  
Richard Bachman; Stephen King Blaze: A Novel 2007 Scribner Hardcover 978-1-4165-5484-4 Details
Richard Bachman; Stephen King The Regulators 1996 E P Dutton Hardcover 0525941908 Details
Richard Bachman; Stephen King Thinner 1987 Penguin Audiobooks Hardcover 0453004687 Details
Tony Bramwell; Rosemary Kingsland Magical Mystery Tours 2005 Thomas Dunne Books Hardcover 031233043X Details
Buzz Bissinger; Tony Larussa; H. G. Bissinger; H. G Bissinger Three Nights in August 2005 Houghton Mifflin Company Hardcover 0618405445 Details
Harry Castleman; Walter J. Podrazik End of the Beatles 1985 Pierian Pr Hardcover 0876501625 Details
Eric Clapton Clapton 2007 Broadway Books Hardcover 978-0-385-51851-2 Details
Howard A. Dewitt; Mike Lefebure Paul McCartney: From Liverpool to Let It Be 1992 Horizon Books Paperback 0938840045 Details
William J. Dowlding; William Dowlding; William J Dowlding Beatlesongs 1989 Fireside Paperback 0671682296 Details
Chet Flippo Yesterday: The Unauthorized Biography of Paul McCartney 1988 Doubleday Hardcover 0385234821 Details
Bob Forsch; Tom Wheatley Bob Forsch's Tales from the Cardinal Dugout 2003 Sports Publishing LLC Hardcover 9781582616711 Details
Geoffrey Giuliano Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison 1990 E P Dutton Hardcover 0525248544 Details
Albert Goldman; Albert Harry Goldman; Jeanne Bernkopf The Lives of John Lennon 1991 William Morrow & Co Hardcover 0688047211 Details
Stefan Granados Those Were the Days: An Unofficial History of the Beatles Apple Organization 1967-2002 2003 Cherry Red Paperback 190144712X Details
Caroline Grimshaw; BILL BERNSTEIN; Paul McCartney Each One Believing: Paul McCartney; On Stage, Off Stage, and Backstage 2004 Chronicle Books Hardcover 0811845079 Details
John Grogan Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog 2005 William Morrow Hardcover 0060817089 Details
Stephen King Duma Key 2008 Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group Hardcover 9781416552512 Details
Stephen King Just After Sunset: Stories 2008 Scribner Hardcover 978-1-4165-8408-7 Details
Stephen King The Colorado Kid (Hard Case Crime) 2007 Hard Case Crime Hardcover 0843955848 Details
Stephen King Lisey's Story 2006 Scribner Hardcover 0743289412 Details
Stephen King Cell: A Novel 2006 Scribner Hardcover 0743292332 Details
Stephen King Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales 2002 Scribner Hardcover 0743235150 Details
Stephen King From a Buick 8: A Novel 2002 Scribner Hardcover 0743211375 Details
Stephen King Dreamcatcher: A Novel 2001 Scribner Hardcover 0743211383 Details
Stephen King The Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel 2000 Scribner Hardcover 0743210891 Details
Stephen King The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 1999 Scribner Hardcover 0684867621 Details
Stephen King Hearts in Atlantis 1999 Scribner Hardcover 0684853515 Details
Stephen King Bag of Bones 1998 Scribner Hardcover 0684853507 Details
Stephen King The Dark Tower 4: Wizard and Glass 1997 BCA Hardcover 0340696621 Details
Stephen King Desperation 1996 Viking Press Hardcover 0670868361 Details
Stephen King The Dark Half 1992 Viking Press Hardcover 067082982X Details
Stephen King Gerald's Game 1992 Penguin USA Hardcover 0670846503 Details
Stephen King Dolores Claiborne 1992 Viking Press Hardcover 0670844527 Details
Stephen King It 1990 Penguin USA Hardcover 0670813028 Details
Stephen King Misery 1990 Viking Press Hardcover 0670813648 Details
Stephen King Skeleton Crew 1988 Putnam Pub Group Hardcover 039913039X Details
Stephen King The Tommyknockers 1987 Putnam Pub Group Hardcover 0399133143 Details
Stephen King Cycle Of The Werewolf 1985 New American Library Paperback 0451821114 Details
Stephen King Christine 1984 Viking Press Hardcover 0670220264 Details
Stephen King Different Seasons 1982 Viking Press Hardcover 0670272663 Details
Stephen King Cujo 1981 Viking Press Hardcover 0670451932 Details
Stephen King The Dead Zone 1979 Viking Press Hardcover 0670260770 Details
Stephen King Carrie 1974 Doubleday Hardcover 0385086954 Details
Stephen King; Darrel Anderson Song of Susannah 2004 Donald M. Grant/Scribner HC 1880418592 Details
Stephen King; Richard Bachman The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels by Stephen King: Rage, the Long Walk, Roadwork, the Running Man 1989 New American Library Trade Hardcover 0453005071 Details
Stephen King; Butterworth Nightmares & Dreamscapes 1993 Viking Press Hardcover 0670851086 Details
Stephen King; Cayne Needful Things: The Last Castle Rock Story 1991 Viking Press Hardcover 0670839531 Details
Stephen King; Endore Pet Sematary 1983 Doubleday Hardcover 0385182449 Details
Stephen King; Gowen Four Past Midnight 1990 Viking Press Hardcover 0670835382 Details
Stephen King; Phil Hale The Drawing of the Three (King, Stephen, Dark Tower, 2.) 1998 Donald m Grant Hardcover 1880418398 Details
Stephen King; Michael Whelan Dark Tower: The Gunslinger 1982 Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc. Hardcover 093798650X Details
Stephen King; Michael Whelan; Whelan, Michael The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7) 2004 Donald M. Grant/Scribner Hardcover 1880418622 Details
Stephen King; Morgan Insomnia 1994 Viking Press Hardcover 0670855030 Details
Stephen King; Ned Dameron Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands 1991 Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc. Hardcover 0937986178 Details
Stephen King; David Palladini The Eyes of the Dragon 1989 Viking Press Hardcover 067081458X Details
Stephen King; Sexton Rose Madder 1995 Viking Press Hardcover 0670858692 Details
Stephen King; Steven Stroud Firestarter 1980 Viking Press Hardcover 0670315419 Details
Stephen King; Peter Straub Black House 2001 Random House Hardcover 0375504397 Details
Stephen King; Peter Straub Talisman 1984 Viking Press Hardcover 0670691992 Details
Stephen King; Bernie Wrightson Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower, Book 5) 2003 Donald M. Grant/Scribner Hardcover 1880418568 Details
Phil Lesh Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead 2005 Little, Brown and Company Hardcover 0-316-00998-9 Details
George Martin All You Need Is Ears 1995 St. Martin's Press Paperback 0312020449 Details
William McCoy; Mitchell McGeary Every Little Thing: The Definitive Guide to Beatles Recording Variations, Rare Mixes & Other Musical Oddities, 1958-1986 (Rock & Roll Reference Seri) 1990 Popular Culture Ink Hardcover 1560750049 Details
Barry Miles Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now 1997 Henry Holt & Company, Inc. Hardcover 0805052488 Details
Charles P. Neises The Beatles Reader: A Selection of Contemporary Views, News & Reviews of the Beatles in Their Heyday (Rock & Roll Remembrances Series, No 6) 1991 Popular Culture Ink Hardcover 1560750243 Details
Scott Omelianuk; Ted Allen Esquire's Things a Man Should Know About Style 1999 Riverhead Books Paperback 1573227633 Details
Bob Plager; Tom Wheatley Bob Plager's Tales from the Blues Bench 2003 Sports Publishing, Inc. Hardcover 1582617473 Details
Rob Rains; Alvin A. Reid; Whitey Herzog; Alvin Reid; Reid, Alvin A Whitey's Boys: A Celebration of the 82 Cards World Championship 2002 Triumph Books Hardcover 1572434856 Details
Andru J. Reeve; Andru J Reeve Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Complete Story of the Paul McCartney Death Hoax (Rock & Roll Remembrances, No 12) 1994 Popular Culture Ink Hardcover 1560750359 Details
Tim Riley Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary 1988 Knopf Hardcover 0394550617 Details
Jeff Russell The Beatles Album File and Complete Discography 1989 Blandford Press Paperback 0713720654 Details
David Schwartz; David M. Schwartz Listening to the Beatles: An Audiophile's Guide to the Sound of the Fab Four: Singles (Rock and Roll Reference Series, No 35) 1990 Popular Culture Ink Hardcover 1560750057 Details
Rock Scully; David Dalton Living With the Dead: Twenty Years on the Bus With Garcia and the Grateful Dead 1996 Little Brown & Company Hardcover 0316777129 Details
MIKE SMITH Busch Stadium - the First Season 2006 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Hardcover 0966139747 Details
Alistair Taylor Yesterday: The Beatles Remembered 1988 Sidgwick & Jackson Hardcover 0283996218 Details
Derek Taylor It Was Twenty Years Ago Today 1987 Fireside Paperback 0671642014 Details
George Tenet At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA 2007 HarperCollins Hardcover 0061147788 Details
U2; Neil McCormick U2 by U2 2006 HarperEntertainment Hardcover 0060776757 Details
Ullmann, Walter Cardinals Rule: The St. Louis Cardinals Incredible 2006 Championship Season 2006 Triumph Books Paperback 0902089870 Details

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