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Four Past Midnight (1990)
Front Cover Book Details
Stephen King
Publication Date 1990
Format Hardcover (243 x 165 mm)
Publisher Viking Press
Language English
Master of horror Stephen King has collected four chilling novellas here. "Secret Window, Secret Garden," in which a writer confronts a deadly antagonist who claims the writer has stolen his work, was made into a 2004 film (simply called SECRET WINDOW) starring Johnny Depp, and "The Langoliers," about an airplane trapped in a fragment of time, was a 1995 TV miniseries with Patricia Wettig and Dean Stockwell. "The Sun Dog" concerns a camera whose photos all show a frightening-looking dog, and "The Library Policeman" explores the dangerous consequences of allowing one's books to become overdue.*
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Index 26
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ISBN 0670835382
Cover Price $29.95
Nr of Pages 804
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