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Song of Susannah - Song of Susannah (2004)
Front Cover Book Details
Stephen King
Darrel Anderson
Publication Date 2004
Format HC (235 x 163 mm)
Publisher Donald M. Grant/Scribner
Language English
lst Stanza: Beamquake

2nd Stanza: The Persistence of Magic

3rd Stanza: Trudy and Mia

4th Stanza: Susannah's Dogan

5th Stanza: The Turtle

6th Stanza: The Castle Allure

7th Stanza: The Ambush

8th Stanza: A Game of Toss

9th Stanza: Eddie Bites His Tongue

10th Stanza: Susannah-Mio, Divided Girl of Mine

11th Stanza: The Writer

12th Stanza: Jake and Callahan

13th Stanza: "Hile, Mia, Hile, Mother"

Coda: Pages from a Writer's Journal

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Index 71
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Product Details
ISBN 1880418592
Edition 1st
Series Dark Tower
Cover Price $30.00
Nr of Pages 432
First Edition No
Rare No
Original Details
Original Publication Year 2004